Black Brute Commercial HD Floor Broom


o 4" bristle trim length

o Extra-stiff polypropylene bristles are great for sweeping

   heavy debris in mills and mines, farms, foundries,

   constructions roofing and road work

o Hardwood blocks are strong and true.  Sanded smooth

   and varnished.

o Black Diamond brush blocks are engineered for

   exact fit of tightly engineered mounting hardware

o Order handles separately


#1818S - (18"). 12/cs. 26 lbs.
#1824S - (24"). 12/cs. 34 lbs.
#1830S - (30"). 6/cs. 21 lbs.

#1836S - (30"). 6/cs. 30 lbs.



Black Brute HD Commercial
Black Diamond Floor Broom
4 Sizes
Petal, MS
(800) 278-7452
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