Co-Parenting- a Positive Way of Parenting Solutions

Co-parenting refers to how a married couple, including divorced parents, works together in parenting children. Positive parenting is commendable for any broken relationship after legal separation. The divorced parents have to face a tough time after the separation which may adversely effect on the child’s mental growth and development. Misunderstanding or disagreement occurring between the co parents may lead to develop multi problems within the child such as mal-adjustment, behavioral disorder, poor academic achievement, aggressiveness etc.

Both the co-parents should try to understand their child’s personalities and behavior, needs and challenges. They should well understand about the dramatic growth and development of the child from his/her early years to adult stage. It is important to co-operate with the child in every task, help him/her to solve the homework, should communicate regularly, provide sufficient emotional support particularly in early childhood period and help him to minimize the distress level as far as possible. The partners should avoid the situation where conflict may rise. Instead, they should try to negotiate and resolve their problems so that the child does not suffer from mental trauma, instability and worry. Following are a number of important ways of co-parenting:

  • Visit to a guidance & counseling clinic: Individual difference is always there between two persons, and so the co parents. In order to resolve the family problems, father and mother can take help of a guidance personnel or a counselor.
  • Communication: More the co parents communicate, better their life will be. It is a key for maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Avoid the criticism factor: Family problems or conflict situations arise when partners start to criticize each other. Thus it is suggested to avoid critics on one’s personality, interests and attitudes.
  • Parenting classes: Parents can opt for parenting classes. Many organizations are facilitating classes on tips on Separation Agreement, online parenting classes with certificate, child guidance services in order to help the spouses to minimize the conflict situations.

The online mode is a useful mode for the divorced parents as it works as a positive stimulator and helps in the interaction process between the spouses and lends a hand to the couple being engaged in a variety of activities. It is because they can get the tips of co parenting while sitting at home or being at workplace. By attending these classes, one can enhance parenting and co-parenting skills. It is a child’s birth right to live a life of peace and this can only be possible if both the parents understand the importance of it.

5 Responses to “Co-Parenting- a Positive Way of Parenting Solutions”

  • sean:

    I’ve been having issues should I say for quite a while with my 13 yr old daughter, she steals from me alot and even though I’ve tried and tried to get through to her it’s wrong I can’t, she has been in trouble at school recently for fighting with another girl so was put in isolation also her general attitude at home is shocking, she fights with her brothers constantly, she upset her youngest brother so much yesterday morning before school I kept him at home because I felt he was to upset to then go to school. I try talking to her about it camly but she refuses to see she is in the wrong and I hold my hands up I’m at a loss as to what to do next but I’m constantly worried about her because she is really a lovely girl but does do this and I feel if I don’t do something quickly she will go the wrong way, she is a very bright child and could do so well in the future for herself.
    So this morning I rung the school and spoke to their behavioural manger and asked what was going on in school with her also what was her attitude and her overall behaviour at school, she said there had only been this one fighting incident which had been dealt with but I reminded her I was the parent and I was not fully informed about this fighting incident. She did agree to ring me back and it turns out my daughter as now got a mentour I was not fully informed about, her behavior in school is not good so they have mentioned a Triple P parenting course for me, I have to go into school next week and it will be discussed further with me.
    thank you for bearing with me I would just like to know if you have heard of this and if you have been on it was it helpful?

  • ericmreitz:

    If possible provide facts. I’m leaning towards no because some parents scar their child for life by saying something, I just don’t have enough facts to back it up. I’m also afraid that the opposing side may have better support.

    btw it’s for essay

  • DuckieM10:

    Before you give a knee jerk reaction, think about it a little.

  • Rishabh Bajpai:

    i have always been curious about this. but was wondering that what happens to the child if the parents are HIV positive (i say both because if you have sex, then you are more likely than not to contract it). i heard something abotu drugs which would stop the virus passing onto the embryo. is this true? are HIV positive parents doomed to remain childless in fear of inflicting their children with such a disease?

  • floydian8717:

    I have two sisters who are RH negative. My dad is AB+ and my mom is O+ . Both my sisters with – rh factor have A- blood types. If my parents have positive blood types is it possible for both of them to have positive blood types and sister negative. My grandmother had rh – blood type but am not sure whether that could play a factor. Does anyone know?

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