Dust Pans
o Stamped metal pans are coated for corrosion resistance
   and reinforced for extra strengths
Plastic pans resist chemicals
o Stamped metal pans are coated for corrosion resistance
o Heavy-duty aluminum dust pan won't rust
oLightweight and easily washed


#65-A  HD Aluminum Dust Pan. 16" wide. 12/cs. 15 lbs.

#65-3 - HD Plastic Dust Pan. 12" wide. 12 per case. 9 lbs.

#65-6 - HD 12" Metal, Black Enamel Dust Pan. 12 per case. 15 lbs.

#65-7 - HD 16" Metal, Black Enamel Dust Pan. 12 per case. 27 lbs.

16" Coated Metal
Dust Pan
12" Plastic Dust Pan
12" Coated Metal
Dust Pan
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16" Aluminum
Dust Pan
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