Feather Dusters


o Natural feather dusters lift and hold dusts until you

   shake them clean

o Collect dust without chemicals

o Professional quality ostrich feathers are great for display

   duusting cases, bookshelves and countertops

o Non-allergenic.

o Available with lower cost turkey feathers

o Feathers are wired to smooth sanded wood handles for

   both feather types


#70-F - Turkey Feathers, 14" long, 12/cs, 4 lbs

#70-O - Ostrich feather duster, 14" overall legth, 12/cs., 2 lbs

#70-OL - Ostrich feather duster with long handle. 23" overall length.  12/cs.  5 lbs.

Ostrich Feather
Dust 14"
Ostrich Feather
Dust 23"
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