Get Back The Man You Love – How To Bring him Running Back

When you are still in love with the man who dumped you, it is natural to be confused and wonder what you did to make him stop loving you. Of course this confusion can lead to making mistakes that will only push him farther away. To get your ex back, you need to understand that there are certain rules to follow after a breakup.

There are certain things that you can do that will make your guy begin to miss you and regret the breakup. But, if you don’t follow these rules it can cause you to lose the man you love for good. Certain actions that you take will effect his thinking and push his emotional hot buttons to the max. This is known as using male psychology.

However on the other hand you can also do things that will make him wonder what he ever saw in you and push him right into the arms of another woman. So, before you start chasing your ex boyfriend and try to make him talk to you, it would be wise to know what will pull him back to you and what will push him away. There are rules of engagement in war and also rules you need to follow when you are trying to get back the man you love.

First of all you have to realize that you can’t force your ex to want to be with you. Your guy broke up with you because he wasn’t happy with your relationship and the more you push him the more he will remember why he was unhappy. However, absence does make the heart grow fonder and if you give him time, he may begin to think of the good times you had together.

You also need time to get your emotions in check and think of what might have caused the breakup. It is important that you try to make changes in yourself instead of thinking of ways to change your ex boyfriend. He knows his faults and when he has time to think they will become apparent to him. When he begins to see that the breakup was the fault of both of you, he will be see how important you are to him.

The best way to get back the man you love is to use the no contact rule and let male psychology do the rest. Allowing your ex boyfriend to see what his life is like without you can bring him running back faster than anything else.

But once you have him back you want to keep him for good so remember that a successful relationship involves a lot of give and take and you both need to realize that the good outweighs the bad.

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  • Caltel T:

    I read an article about how love doesn’t run off of emotions but it runs off of knowledge that should bring you the truth. My conclusion is that people are constantly deceived and end up getting hurt because they don’t know what real love is. And i’m actually learning from experience at the edge begging God to make this feeling I have for a certain person go away because he’s all wrong for me in reality. I’m aware of this yet I still have a hard time letting go. So the article never explained how to solve this issue and I’m wondering if anyone here knows what the difference is or what love really is, besides what the meaning of it in the Bible. I just need more understanding of it because I’m tired of being trapped in this situation. And I realized that I’m not the only one going through this, I even hear it in many songs. I just want to cut to the chase break the situation down and solve it and I want it to happen fast.
    @Smh. i totally agree with you that’s my problem. i’m in love with the love that was in him and i saw much greater potential in him than he can even live up to right now so i lost interest in some aspect of this situation and still i held on and got lost in it always trying to compromise and it backfired. He’s lost in the mind and doing things that are of no benefit to his life and out having fun i don’t want him and i want this attached feeling to go away like my interest did. These feelings are like taking over and i need knowledge to control it.

  • lildevilgurl152004:

    What is a good love song like no country or rock
    Like old school rap or this new shit they call rap

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet:

    okay.. so me and my ex boyfriend went out over the summer last year.. and for some reason i liked him the most i’ve ever liked anyone. When we broke up it was kind of like an agreement type thing… i was pissed because at a football game he was being a jerk. I Feel like hes one of those people your never going to forget about, believe it or not i have a GREAT boyfriend right now but i feel as if i could still have feelings for my ex. we only went out for 3 months too. after we broke up he started talking tot his girl and i was so jealous.. he was the first guy i cried over. All of my friends say he treated me like complete CRAP. but for some reason i kept going back to him and loving him more than ever.. i don’t know why at all. and then a week or 2 ago he texted me.. and we were talking and i told him how i felt. he didnt really have a response. but THEN he texted me last night again and we were just talking and stuff and he was being really nice. does he still like me? or what? im so confused. and i wouldnt even consider breaking up with my boyfriend right now i really care about him. and i know you guys are going to tell me to move on but i cant.. i wish i could

  • Terrence:

    hey who loves desperate housewives? what has been your favourite seen in it and who is your favourite housewive? who do you think is the hottest guy? explain why for all the questions! thanks just to let ya nomy favourite seen had to be the earthquake scene! it was so sad and my favourite housewive has to be defonitly susan i love the way she is so clumsy haha or bree coz she is so prim and proper and my favourite man has got to be Mike!! ah rarr for him he is so good looking

  • Rishi:

    there is a young man who thinks the world of me of course he isnt exactlly my type , he isnt goal oriantated or rather he dosnt, have anything to show for what he has worked for , that is unattractive, to me I am a very independent woman married and divorce, and singles i want to love again but i dont want to love a man and know he isnt going to fulfill a life of love and stability, what do i do stay chsance it or run.

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