Got Dumped – Should You Try to Get Your Ex Back?

It’s never easy trying to survive a breakup. The pain of being separated from the person you love can be very overwhelming. This pain can make you either wallow in self pity or feel so much anger towards your ex or even towards yourself. These are normal emotions that one can experience after an unsuccessful love relationship. If you confront these emotions and learn to understand your pain, you will be on your road to healing. Do not let this pain and the negative emotions that go with it dictate how your days will go. Instead, recognize that the pain is there, but given time, it will not hurt as much as it did the first day your ex said it was over.

Your goal should be to regain your composure and your self esteem after the break up. Oftentimes, a break up creates feelings of rejection, which can affect the way you look at yourself. Especially if the relationship lasted for years, it becomes difficult to accept that the one with whom you invested so much emotions in has suddenly dumped you.

Keep telling yourself that being dumped is not the end of the world. Turn the table to your advantage by looking at this period as a time for self-reflection and for telling yourself that you are worth loving.

On your road to recovery, there may be times when you’ll find yourself asking, “Should I try and get back with my ex?” You alone can answer that question. It will do you some good though to keep your distance from your ex right after the break up. Giving yourself time and space to understand the situation better will make you see things more logically.

Should you decide to give the relationship another try, it should come from a gut feeling that a reconciliation with your ex is what you deserve. Be prepared for the worst, though. You maybe wanting to get back with your ex, but your ex may not feel the same way.

When you’re ready to give it your best shot, find creative ways to win your ex back. Doing unexpected things like giving your ex a call after a long period of no contact can be effective, but do it in a way that it will not sound as if you’re too eager to get back together again. Drop some hints that you’re in the neighborhood on a particular day and you’ll be pleased to have coffee with him. If he expresses interest, then it may be a good sign that he welcomes the idea of reconciliation.

There are no fixed rules on how to get back your ex. Every relationship is unique and dynamic. What is important is to be true to yourself and to your loved one. If things are not happening as you want them to, then consider the possibility that the relationship is really doomed to end.

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  • Goe122:

    I mean, a emotionally/verbally abusive relationship.

  • Sergeant Pickle:

    I have really liked this guy named Larry for over 3 years. He is 2 years older than me but if you like somebody a lot and if your love is strong, then it can’t be broken, especially from a small age difference. I spilled out everything to him, telling him how I feel; I’m totally in love with him. Then in the middle of it he says that he’s in a relationship and that it’s a TERRIFIC Relationship. I was crushed. I drowned my sorrows in ice cream. Then did something really stupid,,,,,,,……………….. I texted him back saying that I had a boyfriend and used my best friends name, that’s a boy. He never replied but I’m still in love with him. What should I do? And if you look at some of my other user ions it includes the same person, Larry.

  • Rishabh Bajpai:

    What are some terms that go with a casual relationship?

  • Erin:

    what do you think of long distant relationships??

  • superdork:

    on facebook you can set your relationship status to an open relationship. what does it mean?

  • thinkthought:

    The person that did the dumping or the person who got dumped? Who is likely to do these things soon after a breakup:

    1. take down pics and interests associated with the former relationship
    2. put up provocative pics of oneself with new lover

  • Kaylla:

    what is something that can have a relationship, but not people. like something else that comes to mind when you think of the topic ‘relationships’ or even just when you hear the word what first pops into your head

  • Elijah luv:

    Where do you draw a line between online relationship and real life relationship?
    well.. I met my bf on the net ( Facebook) and he lives 7 hours away from me.
    So we can only meet in person once a month. ( we chat everyday though)

    Some say our relationship is ” online relationship” and others say it’s ” real life relationship”.
    I’m confused..

    What’s the definition of ” Online Relationship”?
    Even though we met on the net, i don’t think we are no longer an online couple.
    We meet in person every month and i know him very well. ( met his family and friends)

  • Sergio:

    It’s been 4 months since my ex dumped me. The last time heard from him was 2 months ago. weird thing is i still have his # in my phone in case he does call me and i still have photos of the two of us. I think those few times he did call me after he dumped me was to clear his own conscience. A part of me wants to hate him and forget about him and a part of me wants him to call me back- I think about him at least once every single day. We are both college age and our relationship lasted 6 months. I remember I was pathetic we he dumped me over the phone. Said the reason he dumped me was b/c he found a new girl he was talking to (on phone) and seeing during our relationship, & indirectly said she had a better personality (& probably better looking) and this he wasn’t in love with me. I’m a shy person to begin with so going out to meet new people would be too much anxiety for me right now. I feel that as much as I talk it over, I still keep having the same thoughts of wishing he was with me again.
    a lot of you are giving hard answers,wheres the compassion or sensitivity

  • ScRSC:

    I’ve been dating a guy… and it made his ex jealous to the point that she is second guessing dumping him. He is starting to go back to her and giving me the brush off.

    What should I do?

  • arronwrath:

    i played a joke on my girlfriend by taking a dump in her handbag but i didn`t realise i had diarreah until i strained. we always play little pranks on each other. she tore absolute strips off me for it because she didn`t open her handbag until she got to work and it was in front of all of her friends. wen she got home she was ranting and raving about it then just walked out on me. do u think she grossly over reacted? i mean it was just a silly little prank. personally i feel hurt that she could even think of reacting the way she did. where`s her sense of humour?
    kiku funny enough i think billy connolly is excellent lol one of my fav comics. my humour is close to his humour lol

  • Peter:

    i got dumped on friday and i saw him walking with a girl and flirting with her and i thought he was flirting with her to make me jelousand then when i came to skool on monday i saw him flirting with her and i found out that they go out im sad and i started crying should i be sad and wat can i do to get over it?

  • ouch:

    seems greatest comdy are about relationship ..and worst mistake in world is relationship ..whats your opinion about relationship …

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