How to Get Back Together After a Breakup

Getting back together with your ex can be easy if your breakup was over something trivial like leaving the toilet seat up or someone eating the last piece of banana cream pie. But sometimes it won’t be as easy if the breakup happened for a major reason like cheating or abuse.

Depending on the reason for the breakup it is entirely possible you’ll be able to get back together. It’s important that you understand the reasons for your breakup though so you can work that out. If you don’t work out the problems that caused your breakup, those same problems will resurface.

If your breakup was about something that has to do with your ego then all you may have to do is sit down and talk it out for a while. This may sound easy, but it’s actually pretty hard to do for a lot of people because neither person wants to believe they were wrong.

Someone has to swallow his or her pride and say sorry, and if you’re the one who wants to get back together then it’s better to just bite the bullet and apologize than be pig headed and refuse to budge. Talk out your problems like adults and don’t let it turn into a screaming match where you both are exchanging insults.

Another good way to get back together is to just start off casually dating. What does casual dating mean? Well to be cute about it, all it means is that you both will see each other and hold each other to no expectations whatsoever. You’ll both be free to see whoever you want to see and you both will be free to do whatever you want.

This can be fun if both people are clear on how it works; it’s a great way to see if you still have feelings for each other. If either of you find yourself getting jealous of someone else that the other person might be seeing, then this is a sign there are still strong feelings involved.

Remembering what it was that attracted you to each other in the first place will also help you get back together, if the possibility of getting back together is there. You need to spend a little time with each other without any strings attached. No living together, no serious dating and no expectations. All you want to have is fun with each other so you can rediscover what you liked about each other. This will make you have more of an appreciation towards each other if you were to get back together.

Getting back together after a serious breakup can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Casually date at first so that you take away the expectations. Talk to each other a little bit to see if you can solve whatever problems you had that caused your relationship to end and see if you can rediscover what you liked about each other. If there is still a spark then you both will know.

Brian Hendrick has been helping men and women with relationship problems for several years and has helped thousands of couples resolve many tough issues.

5 Responses to “How to Get Back Together After a Breakup”

  • D3ZZY:

    me and my of ex of 11 years broke up. has anyone gotten back together after a break up?

  • johnkaiser 22:

    Just wonderng how long you’ve been apart from someone before getting back together? Was there any contact between that time? Who asked to get back together…you or them?

    Really appreciated!

  • Courtney:

    Does anyone know anyone who has broken up and gotten back together and it worked the second time? I’m not sure if i believe this is possible…

  • Mackenzie P:

    My ex broke up with me roughly 2 years ago. We both have moved on and are doing our own things now. Anyway, that’s not the problem. What I’m having trouble understanding is that, despite how many times I’ve said to his family that we are not getting back together, they still persist. I understand that they liked me, and I love them dearly. I spent 2 years with their son and that was a big part of my life. however, he left me for another girl. It was his choice to break it off with me and broke my heart. I have gotten over it, but it’s still kind of painful that they are trying to get us back together. his brother and sister talk to me all the time on facebook and his mom even added me as her ‘daughter’ …all AFTER the breakup.
    I don’t want to hurt anyone by telling them I can’t talk to them, or don’t want to hear from them cause I do but I don’t want to hear how my ex and I should get back together…what should I do?

  • arronwrath:

    I am talking in terms of long term…my girlfriend of two years broke up with me recently. I obviously took it much harder than she did. I won’t go into details, but it was just a messy breakup. We aren’t on the best terms. HAve you ever ended up marrying somebdoy after a messy breakup? I am just going to break off contact and let her see what she needs to see. I don’t believe it now, but I know that whatever happens is for the best :( . Either she wants me or we both move on i guess? Is this the right approach. I am hurting incredibly badly but I do know that I will get better.

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