Medium Stiff Palmyra Natural Fiber Floor Broom


  4" bristle trim length

o    Use indoors or outside, wet or dry, on heavy debris,  
      concrete, brick, rough flooring & pavement.

  Black Diamond brush blocks are engineered for exact

      fit of tightly engineered mounting hardware (order

     handles separately)    


#1618S - (18"). 12/cs. 24 lbs.
#1624S - (24"). 12/cs. 31 lbs.
#1630S - (30"). 6/cs. 17 lbs.
#1636S - (36"). 6/cs. 23 lbs.



Medium Stiff Palmyra
Black Diamond Floor Broom
4 Sizes
Petal, MS
(800) 278-7452
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