My Ex Girlfriend Won’t Take Me Back – Do This Now!

You’ve done it all since the break up, haven’t you? You’ve tried to woo your ex girlfriend back with flowers or gifts. Maybe you’ve even gone so far as to write her a compassionate, heart wrenching love note. You’ve given her space to work out her feelings and you’ve apologized time and time again for your behavior before the relationship fell apart. None of it has worked and you’re now panicked. What if you can’t get her back? Up to this point she’s refused to even entertain the idea of you two talking about a possible reunion. Is all hope lost or is there still some way to turn the tides and get her to want you back too? Before you decide there’s absolutely no hope for the two of you, there’s some advice you absolutely must consider. If you love the woman, don’t be too quick to give up on the idea of getting her back.

Show her you’ve changed. You’ve heard the ages old saying that actions speak louder than words, yes? It’s very true, especially when it comes to a break up. If you’ve told your ex girlfriend repeatedly that you’re a changed man or that you won’t make the same mistakes you’ve made in the past, she isn’t going to believe you unless she sees those changes with her own eyes. Instead of focusing all of your physical and emotional energy on thinking of ways to get her back, take a few moments to consider what you can do now to improve who you are as a person. We all have goals that we strive towards and now is the ideal time for you to make those goals part of your future reality. If you transform yourself into a better version of the man you are now, not only will that impress your ex girlfriend but it’s going to increase your own self esteem which is always a very good thing as you move forward in your own life.

Show her what a reliable and compassionate friend you are. If you’re like most men who want a second chance, you wish you could jump right back into a romantic relationship with your ex. Obviously, that’s ideally what will happen but that may be wishful thinking about this point. It takes time for the negative feelings of the ending of the relationship to be replaced with positive feelings about the person you broke up with. In other words, your ex girlfriend is going to need to take as much time as she individually needs to get over what happened between you two. If you try and rush her back into something romantic before she’s ready, any chance you may have had will vanish in the blink of an eye. You’ll find that she’ll be much more open to the idea of you two starting out again as friends rather than potential soul mates. Take your time showing you that you are indeed a great friend. If she sees the qualities of a trusted friend in you, she’ll be much more likely to open her heart back up to you in the future.

Show her that you aren’t living in the past. One increasingly common complaint among women who’ve recently gone through a break up is that their ex boyfriend can’t seem to move past what happened. It’s absolutely essential that you put the past to rest if you want a future with your ex girlfriend. Repeatedly bringing up the past and what went wrong between you two is going to not only make her feel incredibly uncomfortable, it’s going to show her that you aren’t emotionally mature enough to move towards a brighter and more stable future. If you’ve apologized for your part in the break up and she’s accepted that apology, it’s time to put the past where it belongs. Don’t bring up the things you two once shared, and don’t try and open a discussion about went wrong. Instead, enjoy the moment and focus on what the future will bring you. This type of positive attitude is going to help you a lot when it comes to getting back the woman you love.

6 Responses to “My Ex Girlfriend Won’t Take Me Back – Do This Now!”

  • The Inc:

    i was the one who broke up with my ex. girlfriend because i don’t want what she was doing lately he do all kinds of bad stuffs… and i hate it much…
    and we always argue about girls that i cheated but i don’t even do.. she is over protective about our relationship and it feels like she doesn’t trust me at all that’s why we broke up
    and after 5 months i have a new gf that i know will truly love me trust me and so on..
    and this is the problem my ex. girlfriend is texting her, emailing badwords and many kinds of negative stuffs..
    i try to talk to her and tell her to stop it because she don’t have any rights on me anymore and to show her th we are finish, but she doesn’t listen she continues on arguing with my gf and it feels bad that she won’t stop doing this things what should i do..

  • Wooooody:

    would girls mind if im still friends with my ex girlfriend? Theres really nothing left between us, but we both decided that we have been together too long to just drop each other completely. She is a hairdresser and she still cuts my hair also. So would a new girl understand that i still wanna be friends with her?

  • Jeffery Carlson:

    Sometimes I miss him, it’s been 7 months since me and my ex talked

  • cardskid22:

    My best friend broke up with his girlfriend about three months ago. She’s really anti-social and shy (She was like that before and while they were together) Now, my girlfriend feels bad for her whenever she sees her sitting or standing in a corner by herself and goes up to talk to her. My best friend is getting annoyed and telling her to stop but she won’t. She said “Everyone needs a friend, and I can be one to her.” Since then, they keep arguing about it. How can I get them to stop? And what can I do to make them compromise on something?

  • nyyankees1123:

    Background: My current girlfriend and my ex girlfriend were once acquaintances and knew each other before they both knew me. (I am not in contact with my ex girlfriend) When my current girlfriend started dating me she felt it adequate and polite to tell my ex of her actions. My ex swore her out and did her best to convince her not to remain in contact with me the best she possibly could.

    One month later my current girlfriend is getting texts from my ex girlfriend with apologies and “I was more hurt than sad than you didn’t listen to me about him” and that since they live close together that she wants to meet up and talk. I don’t know what to do, nothing warrants this, my ex and I didn’t get along, she switched boyfriends two days after our break-up, I don’t understand what she’s trying to do and why.

    What do I do? I wish my current girlfriend would see the wolf within this sheep act, but she doesn’t and sees it as a legitimate request to possibly be friends and her general kindness won’t allow her to simply blow off my ex’s request or her words..

    I’m scared, I don’t want to lose her to this manipulative monster.
    My ex girlfriend and I do not talk, she’s tried but I said it’s best if we don’t remain in contact. I have remained polite and not meddled with any of her business. I have essentially avoided her post-break up, she is blocked on my facebook and I ignore all her evil texts to me. (I haven’t gotten any in a month though).
    My ex-girlfriend was very mean and very manipulative, I feel prey to all of her antics over the course of our short five month relationship, I am still partially scarred from the verbal and mental abuse that I had to endure during our period. I have however managed to remain respectful by not keeping in contact, but she has been keeping tabs on me. SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND (according to my current girlfriend), what’s her obsession with me?

  • evangldbrg:

    I have been split with my ex of 1 year for nearly two weeks and havent spoken to her for about 2 days. I want to know if I can possibly start going out with her again now she has just started seeing someone and how should I contact her.

    Should I wait till she contacts me or should i text and ask if i can call, just to chat and not about the relationship and try and build the relationship up like that

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