Plastic Jaws
Mop Handle
#60Y -Yellow Fiberglass Handle
#60W - Wood Handle
#60M - Metal Handle
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Wet Mops Handles

Plastic Jaw Style Wet Mop Handle


o Clamping  action works with wide band (5" or more)

   mop heads. Not recommended for narrow headband mops.

o 2" wide jaws

o Clamp style end makes insert and removal of mop heads

   easier and cleaner

o Select fiberglass, coated metal, or fiberglass handle.  No rusting.

   No gumming up.


#60Y - 60" x 1" Yellow Fiberglass Stick w/ Plastic Jaw Mop Handle. 12/cs. 30 lbs.


#60M - 60" x 1" Coated Metal Stick w/ Plastic Jaw Mop Handle. 12/cs. 30 lbs.


#60W - 60" x 1" Wood Stick w/ Plastic Jaw Mop Handle. 12/cs. 30 lbs.


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