46 Grit
10" - 21"
80 Grit
10" - 21"
180 Grit
10" - 21"
500 Grit
10" - 21"

46-Grit Abrasive Nylon Rotary Brushes
Our most aggressive grit brush for scrubbing unsealed concrete, heavy dirts, grease and compacted soils. Replaces black pads. Use with a steel clutch plate to handle high startup torque.

#615-10 thru #615-21 - (10" -  21")




80-Grit Abrasive Nylon Rotary Brushes
Use this brush for commercial scrubbing on concrete, terrazzo and tile floors. Replaces black pads. Use wet.

#613-10 thru #613-21 - (10" -  21")




120-Grit Abrasive Nylon Rotary Brushes

120 grit is great for lighter commercial and janitorial scrubbing concrete, terrazzo and tile floors. Replaces green or blue pads. Use wet.

#614-10 thru #614-21 - (10" -  21")


180-Grit Abrasive Nylon Rotary Brushes

For general scrubbing of softer, resilient non-slip flooring, ceramic, terrazzo, quarry tile and smooth coated concrete floors. Replaces blue or red pads. Use wet.

#612-10 thru #612-21 Nylon - (10" -  21")




500-Grit Abrasive  Nylon Rotary Brushes

For light scrubbing and spray buffing of coated floors. Replaces over 100 red or white pads. Must be used wet.

#610-10 thru #610-21 - (10" -  21")




Complete Your Brush Order
Rotary brushes are available in thousands of configurations. To complete your order, specify:
Bristle Type - based on your scrubbing task, cost, and expected brush life. Each type has a 3 digit name (e.g. #601 for soft nylon)
Brush Size 
- Brush Block Diameter -   Measure the diameter of current block, or call us with your buffer brand and model.
Mounting Hardware
- this is the hardware that locks the brush onto  your buffer. Most buffers use standard clutch plates. If necessary, call us with your buffer brand and model. Special orders are filled in 5-7 days.


120 Grit
10" - 21"
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