Soft Black Nylon Rotary Brush

0.022 black nylon bristles. Soft, general-purpose brush for scrubbing light soils on decorative tile and softer finished floors. Too soft for heavy soils. 1-3/4" trim length. Longest bristle life and great value!  

#601-10 thru #601-21 (10" thru 21" size)


Stiff White Nylon Rotary Brush

Stiff (.030") white nylon bristles. Long lasting bristles for general-purpose scrubbing of medium soils on decorative floors. Will not scratch tile, terrazzo or coated surfaces. 1-3/4" trim length.  

#602-10 thru #602-21 (10" thru 21" size)


Nylon Carpet Rotary Brush

Two bristle sizes: the outer rows of stiff (.030") nylon carry the weight of your buffer. The soft (.020") nylon inner rows soften when wet to suds and gentlty scrub. 1-3/4" trim length. Showerfeed holes in block deliver shampoo from your solution tank to the carpet. 

#619-10 thru #619-21 (10" thru 21" size)


Soft Yellow Poly Rotary Brush

Soft (.020") yellow poly bristles. Use with a detergent for lighter-duty scrubbing on waxed or finished floors. Lower cost but shorter bristle life than nylon. Longer life than natural fiber. 

#605-10 thru #605-21 (10" thru 21" size)



Stiff Blue Poly Rotary Brush

Stiff (.030") blue poly bristles. General-purpose scrub brush for medium soils on concrete and coated floors. As aggressive as stiff nylon, with lower price but shorter life.

#606-10 thru #606-21 (10" thru 21" size)



Complete Your Brush Order
Rotary brushes are available in thousands of configurations. To complete your order, specify:
Bristle Type - based on your scrubbing task, cost, and expected brush life. Each type has a 3 digit name (e.g. #601 for soft nylon)
Brush Size - Brush Block Diameter -   Measure the diameter of current block, or call us with your buffer brand and model.
Mounting Hardware - this is the hardware that locks the brush onto  your buffer. Most buffers use standard clutch plates. If necessary, call us with your buffer brand and model. Special orders are filled in 5-7 days.




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