Signs He Is Not Over His Ex Wife

Loving a man who is not over his ex-wife can be really painful. You love him unreservedly while he loves you half heartedly. He may profess his love for you but you get the feeling that his heart does not totally belong to you. What are the signs that he is not over his ex-wife?

i. He feels strongly about her. Whatever it is that split them up he still feels strongly about her. He gets angry and frustrated at the very mention of her name. He simply cannot talk to or with her without him getting emotional… she simply madness him… a clear sign that he is not over her.

ii. He is still bothered by what she did (or didn’t do).A man who is not over his ex-wife will keep bringing up the thing (or things) that his ex-wife did to contribute to the breakup. He may even blame her angrily for what she did or failed to do in the relationship.

iii. He wants to know things about her love relationships. A man who is not over his ex-wife will want to know who she is dating, where they go to, what they do together etc. Any news of his ex-wife’s love interest captivates him… and sometimes he seeks that information through the grapevine or by watching her (stalking her?).

iv. He compares himself with her new love interests. A man who is not over his ex-wife will wonder what she see’s in the new guys. He will keep putting down his ex-wife’s new guys almost like he was the best she ever had… and nothing will ever compare to him. He is not being arrogant… he simply cannot believe that she is over him and has replaced him in her life since he still had hopes of being with her again.

v. He compares you unfavorably with her. A sign that he is not over his ex-wife is that every now and then he will mention how great his ex-wife did this or that… it just sometimes slips out of his mouth. He still sees her as being this great person… and you don’t measure up yet. With time he may be able to see your great qualities but right now he is still in love with his ex-wife.

A man who is not over his ex-wife will still have strong feelings for her that will come out in his actions and speech.

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  • dubmecrazy3:

    My divorce was completed June 28, 2012. I’d signed a contract of bi-weekly , as much as a sum, for the money we agreed I owed her.

    Works out, my ex-wife hid money she siphoned from my salary to her account, and looted other property, which was not decided to,and added all of this towards the final papers in the court, that we never saw.

    Can One challenge this payment still?

  • Lucas H:

    My counselor has asked whether my future ex-wife is really a sociopath. Among the finest to determine just what signs of these the weather is. I Quickly could make an informed determination. Used to do whatever she wanted for many years and she or he never went from wants. I really like her however i can’t know if she ever loved me or anybody for your matter.

  • Maggie:

    My ex-wife known as me last evening and it is likely to remarry. She needs an annulment paper signed to ensure that her to become listed on the Catholic chapel and remarry a man from that chapel. I was divorced about ten years ago. What’s going to this annulment do in order to our divorce decree that people signed in 1999? I’ve finally become carried out with supporting your children obligations as all of the children are now over 18, but how about another areas of the decree? Can they be valid?

  • Moore, Ron:

    My hubby and the ex wife purchased a home once they got divorced. We’re now trying to purchase a house but can’t while he continues to be with that loan together with her. Simply because they purchased after their divorce was final it is not within the divorce papers. So what can we all do to pressure her to refi the house into her title alone without employing an attorney? What is the form we are able to complete and decide to try the judge?

  • Harry:

    My earliest boy received a misdemeanor for forgery by signing his ex-wife’s title on some documents that they did a great deal.(Once they were married) Throughout divorce she stated otherwise also it wound up in the court. Now it’s on his record and he’s thinking about obtiaining a life insurance coverage license. Any suggestions?

  • Nathan B:

    my husband’s ex wife is declining to allow him take his boys a few days ago and stated she’d not allow him to have visitation rights any longer…can she get in danger because of not letting him discover their whereabouts?

    btw…he should really have them almost every other weekend (states a legal court) and she or he does not have court papers saying he’s no more permitted visitation rights.

  • Joe M:

    My ex wife and I filed for a divorce and were living in seperate households when she took it upon herself to sign my name on loan documents that would pay for our son’s braces and dental work. I had no idea that she did this. What is the consequence for her doing this?

  • Matthew David:

    My buddies boy and the ex wife has requested him to co sign for any college loan which isn’t re due until 2012.

    I don’t understand college financial loans and that he has requested me things i think about it. He thinks he might be getting themself into some type of an economic trap.

    I didn’t know a university loan needed a co signer. Will it?

    He already payed for his first years tuition and the dorm costs and all sorts of that stuff. I don’t want to provide him mis information, but clearly he’s concerned. That do we request relating to this for seem financial advice? Are you aware anything about college financial loans to have an 18 year-old child? Do you consider he’s being scammed? Perform the parents co sign a university loan for $6K not repayable not less than 5 yrs?

  • Cupcakerum:

    My ex-wife and I’ve been separated for more than 2 year. Before we seperated we’d a contract attracted up that mentioned that people would each claim among the children on our taxes. However, she never signed the agreement. The kids accept her about 70% of times. I pay supporting your children which comes down to a lot more than she makes, so clearly I’m supplying more that 1 / 2 of their support. The data which i find is given that they accept her a lot more than 50% of times, i quickly can’t claim them regardless of how much support I give.

    Requested her today and she or he stated that they wasn’t thinking about permitting me to. She stated that they has financial obligations that they needs to take proper care of, such as the pool for that kid. And So I am now having to pay for any pool at her and her boyfriend’s house. Do you consider will be able to utilize it?

  • sam N:

    My ex wife overlooked a order from the court and stated our kids on her behalf taxes. I stated them also, per order from the court, and was handed my refund. Several months later a received instructions from IRS saying since my divorce decree was after 2008 I possibly could not claim my children until I’d an application 8332 signed by my ex. Obviously, she declined to sign and so i to her to the court. I finally got her to sign and back dated to tax year 2009 per original order from the court. I filed a 1040x and incorporated my 8332 backdated to that particular year and was refused by IRS stating that I needed to include this type with my original taxes. I’ve looked all around the internet and can’t find where they were given this. All I can tell is the fact that form 8332 needs to be posted having a taxes along with a 1040x is really a amendend taxes. May be the IRS right or did my ex screw my from my refurnd? Help!!!

    This Year I required her to the court and also have the 8332 signed by her for tax years 2009 -2021. She signed and dated this year. Is that this a document the government need for tax year 2010 the tax year under consideration.

  • Michael:

    I’ve got a vehicle that i’m disposing (junk yard get) the title has me and my ex-wife onto it. will i must get my ex to sign up it or can one simply do it without having her. the main reason i request happens because my ex lives about 5 hrs away. I shouldn’t drive 5 hrs simply to get her to sign it.

  • Xbox360king:

    If you got married and have a fiancée and you invited your ex wife or your ex girlfriend to your wedding, will this be weird and extremely awkward or will this be ok?

  • Scott W:

    I am in a legal battle with my ex-wife over the custody of our son. All signs are pointing to her losing, hover the legal costs have already exceeded $10k and we have not even gone two trial yet. I was thinking of a benefit among friends and family members to help defer my legal fees. Is this even possible?

  • Marlon P:

    Can our son sign his rights to his kids over to his parents if his ex-wife has primary custody?

  • Mark M:

    Going threw a divorce gonna start a new job but I want my profit sharing need the ex wife to sign off on my profit sharing what’s the name of the form thanks tim

  • soccermaster1:

    in the form 8332 on my taxes they told i had to take it to my ex wife for her to sign and say that she agrees not to claim an exemption for my son. does this affect her in any way? or what is she agreeing to?

  • Courtney:

    How can you be arrested, sentence with out going infront of a judge. Husband was arrested for back child support. The judge that signed his warrent was his ex-wife lawyer, and already sentence him to 45 days. He has not missed a court date and has paid child support to his “son”, he has not seen them on a regular basis.. THat is another story in its self.

  • altair:

    I am getting married in 3 months and my fiance is still legally married to his (ex) wife. She wouldn’t sign papers for a long time out of spite. Well, she has finally signed and he is sending them in on Monday. Will it go through in time??? You have to be divorced for a full month before the wedding, so really we have 2 months for these papers to go through. YIKES!!!

  • Michael K:

    In 2004 I handwrote a note to my ex-wife explaining I could make an increase in child support. In 2007 my business went down and I had to shut it down. It was then she presented it to the court (3-1/2 years later). It was not signed by any witness and not notarized. Should the court have accepted it as a legal document?

  • vanvark83:

    My soon to be ex-wife has taken my child out of the country (to America) for a holiday. But i don’t know how she’s done this, as I have refused to sign the passport becuase I was afraid this was going to happen.

    My daughter is 10-months old. Is this legal?

  • opurt:

    My husband just completed child custody mediation because his ex-wife is brainwashing his two boys Eric 7 (autism spectrum disorder) and Kyle age 3. Basically, the mediator went off of who was the better story teller. The mediation recommendations are ridiculous, won’t even go there. Now HER attorney is threatening us that if we do not sign the mediation recommendations that she will take us to court and have us pay his Ex’s legal fees. Can she do that?

  • rndmaktn:

    The thing is my baby daddy is living at his ex-wife’s house he say he sleeps in the room with the boys and is only there because she can not handle them but he says repeatedly that he’s IN LOVE WITH ME and he says he can’t stand her is this a sign telling me to let him go?

  • Melanie:

    I get to keep the house as part of my divorce settlement. My ex wife is responsible for a $45k line of credit balance secured by the house (she got other assets as well). I want to refinance the property and am asking her to issue me a note with the same terms and conditions as the credit line and I pay off the credit line as part of the refinance. She is refusing to do that. If I pay off the credit line without her agreement, can I go after her for the $45k ?
    She signed a quit claim. I am not worried about her not making payments to the bank. She has plenty of assets I can go after. Under the divorce agreement, she is responsible for the loan. One thing I can do is to have someone buy the note from the bank (I will provide recourse if she does not pay).
    She can not borrow anymore. Line is maxed out.

  • rndmaktn:

    So my Boyfriend of 10 months has just co-signed on his ex-wife’s new car.
    She left him for another person 2 years ago. He claims he can’t stand her, doesn’t want anything to do with her etc. What would you think if your significant other did something like this with their ex?

  • Mike:

    My husband kept his ex wife on his health insurance to help her out financially, there was no immediate need to add me as I had my own insurance. My previous insurance is now inactive and I am needing to be added to his. How do we go about taking her off and adding me to it? how long does this process take?

  • Ev dog:

    My son has been going through a very messy divorce for THREE YEARS! His supposed to be ex-wife’s lawyer has been delaying everything since day one. Both parties have now signed an agreement but my son’s lawyer cannot get her lawyer to call him back so the divorce is still not final.. This is the reason for all the delays we have had. We have had to take them to court twice because they could not get her to return their calls. This has cost a lot of money in unnecessary court costs. Can someone advise me what to do?

  • sick_mick_101:

    My bf’s ex wife has been verbally harrassing me in public and through third party persons. I filed several police reports in the past 2 years for vandalism and verbal assaults. I know it will be expensive to sue her for slander, but is there anything that can be done legally to stop her? Will filing a complaint to the court do anything?

  • henryshensbcglobalnet:

    Maybe I acquired bad information on this but did not Jordan have his ex-wife sign a Prenup before they married. How did that actually work out? He needed to hand out $168 million from the money he labored for.


  • vanvark83:

    My ex wife scammed on me and left me on her lover. Now i’ve got a new girlfriend and she or he is acting strange, so i wish to understand what the twelve signs will be to know this. When she left me, she accustomed to let me know she’d be at liberty basically found another person but it doesn’t appear this way.

  • superdork:

    My ex wife’s grandmother and that i take presctiption the title to some vehicle. She refuses to own vehicle in my experience and needs me to sign it to her. Have i got the authority to just walk up and go ahead and take vehicle?

  • JackReynolds:

    You do too still love your boyfriend or girlfriend wife? How sometime ago did the wedding finish? I just read publish that made an appearance to become with a guy proclaiming that 95% of divorced males love their ex-spouses in some manner a minimum of.

  • Xavier Hawthorne:

    I simply signed and came back to my attorney the request for something new in visitation rights yesterday. They most likely received it today. My understanding is they now file it using the county clerk who grants or declines it and sets a court date. How lengthy next could it be until my ex-wife will get offered using the papers? Could it be inside a couple of days? Within 24 hours?

  • Ryan Dunn:

    My buddy lately told us that he’s likely to sign over his privileges on his sons to his ex wife and her husband.(her husband intends to adopt the boys and that he can offer on their behalf much better than my buddy can) But simply lately he split up together with his partner who he’s an infant with. The mother is neglectful towards the baby when he isn’t around. Can he obtain the baby despite the fact that he’s signing over privileges on his other kids?

  • nmlpc:

    As an idiot I gave my ex-wife cash during the last couple of several weeks because she did not possess a banking account to deposit money into. I figured that writing receipts and getting her sign them could be adequate but apparently it had not been and today I must pay her two times.

    What’s the hardest method of getting her money? I would like her to undergo hoops to cash it in.

    I’ve receipts that they signed. The great judge wouldn’t accept them and today I must pay two times.

  • turg143:

    We filed jointly and are being audited. We are now separated. The discrepancy arose from her and is tied to her SSN. I have accepted and paid the amount requested by the IRS but the forms require both our signatures and my soon-to-be-ex wife is refusing to sign the forms! What can I do?

  • Tyler H:

    My therapist has questioned whether my future ex-wife is a sociopath. I just want to see what exactly the signs of these conditions are. Then I can make an educated determination. I did whatever she wanted for 7 years and she never ran out of wants. I love her but I can’t tell if she ever loved me or anyone for that matter.

  • DuckieM10:

    Okay here’s the deal: I am disabled and my only income is social security disability, so I do not have to file a return. My ex-wife and I are divorced and have been since 2010 and I have full custody of our 2 children. Our children live with me and receive Social Security beneficiary checks from my disability claim. Since I do not have to file, and since I have no earned income, can I let my ex-wife claim our two children on her return so she can get the Earned Income Tax Credit? If so, how do I go about doing this?

  • John G:

    I was going through some tubs of clothes yesterday, preparing for cooler weather. I opened one tub that was full of cards and letters from his ex-wife. Now when I divorced I let go of everything from my ex, I felt I had no reason to keep holding on to my past. Why would he holding on to these things? It isn’t like it was a amicable divorce. She lied, cheated and left him when he needed her most. I just cannot continue if he still loves her.

  • ScRSC:

    Can they be forced to sign?

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag:

    Recently my soon to be my ex wife of 10 yrs contacted me that she needed my help with her resume since she feels more comfortable with me. Plus she’s asking me about what happen with my ex. Plus we’ve been spending hours talking on the phone for the past two days but yet she keeps telling me to not mis intrepid the help that she wants back that she still wants to get divorce. Also she doesn’t want me to call her she wants to keep her distance with me but yet she keeps calling me for help. She told me if I want to talk to her it should be church but not together for coffee maybe in the future. Ok now she knows that I still want her back why would she contact me for help? I feel that she’s playing and using me. Are these signs that she has feelings about me? It took her a week to decide to ask me for help according to her she doesn’t want me to think she wants be back. Were getting divorced cuz I cheated on her. Every time that we talk she ask me if I see that she loose weigh and she tells me that sometimes she feels that she cant find a job this is were I give her motivation but yet she doesn’t want to go out for a cup of coffee.

  • musicistabest:

    The only time I ever pushed was to defend myself after she came at me with a heated curling iron. She says I have sex addiction problems because I look at porn everynow and then. What the hell is her problem.. and how the hell do I get her out of my life. The girl got worried because my ex made me look like a monster. The girl will talk to me but wants to resolve these issues. What do I say to her ?

  • Squall Leonhart:

    how can we take him off the lease of her car without her? she will not take him off because she must need his name? she isn’t paying the payment on time or sometimes not at all, help!

    *dreading the ex*
    by the way – she is NOT willing to refinance and helP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heath:

    My story in short. been with my ex wife for 7 years, seperated for 2. i filed for divorce 2 years ago and it is still ongoing. she had miscarriages whilst we were married, around 4 and fell into depression. she started suspecting me of cheating on her, checking my stuff…etc and no matter how much i told her i loved her she wont believe me! in the end i got fed up and actually had an affair with a woman i work with

    i told her i didnt love her and want a divorce and she resisted for so long because she said she loved me. eventually she gave in and signed and we are now good friends.

    when we seperated i admit that i asked her to leave the house and didnt give her any financial support and right now i am trying to help her abit. we are friends now and i am trying to get financial settlment sorted btw us without involving anyone, basically give her some money,

    problem is her parents say i am trying to fool her and be unfair and they are trying to convince her to get a solicitor to make me disclose everything i have got. i am pretty angry right now and thinking they have no right to intervene. my wife never wanted the divorce and still wants to work on it but i dont love her anymore and i am still with the woman i had an affair with

    what shall i do?

  • stingerms:

    I had my ex wife served for soul legal and physical custody early November and she decided she was going to just sign them over to me. the reason for the papers was she was moving from partner to partner not respecting how it was affecting the kids. I am very happy with the new living arrangements so is my wife. My ex has a third child from a different guy that she left for his best friend and they recently broke up and now she is back with the latest babies father , and is getting married. She has said she is going to get custody back from me. She and i went to the court house and filled out the papers and we agreed on a visitation schedule and i walked out with soul and legal custody and i did not ask for and child support. I am wondering what my chances are to keep sole and legal physical custody. If it helps we are in Virginia

  • Andre:

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months now but I have had at least 4-5 dreams that include his ex-wife. But in my dreams she is still his wife and I’m the other woman. What does this mean? Is this a sign?

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again:

    My new wife ask when we where filing our taxes this year to have my ex sign and 8332 form. Ooops I wasn’t aware she needed to and now my ex is angry and is threatning to file ammeded tax returns from 2006 – 2008. Can I take her to court based on a verbal agreement and request and injunction to stop her from doing this. I could have her submit copies of her taxes along with mine. It would seem very convienient that I randomly knew what child to claim and she what child not to claim. This to me would constitute fraud on her part and causing me thousands of dollars of interest/penalities and back taxes.
    Where would I file such a case? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Wife has been preparing taxes for over ten years. We separated in March. She signed my name to 1040 tax form, wants 1/2 of retirement, 1/2 of 401k, and Im paying out $600 child support. There was infidelity on her part and she left with daughter. CAn I fight back at all with that tax document being forged?

  • Marlon P:

    I see my child very often and pay support but my ex got remarried and called me the other day and siad you wont want to like what i have to say and asked me if i would sign my rights away.she told me my daughter has a real family now and that i didnt need to be part of my daughters life anymore why do women do this and she is the reason for divorce she said it was because i worked to much and was never home but didnt mind spending the money
    To all who asked the rest of the story when I find out i will let you know.

  • Joey 01:

    I beleived I was paying maintenance to my ex wife, to the sum of £320 a month, up until my son finished further education / turned 18. I was glad of this as I struggle to support my new family. However, a letter arrived from my ex wife’s solicitors today that the divorce agreement says I will pay until the time my son leaves tertiary education (he has just started at university). Since signing the divorce agreement, my ex wife has inherited a large sum of money, in the region of millions, from her late father. Will this affect the amount of maintence I have to pay?
    Using my wife’s account to post this question…

  • The Inc:

    We have been going out for 5 months. Sex is great, he seems he is really into me, I like him alot. We are both in 30′s and divorced. I really like him a lot. However, because of my previous relationship, I can not be cautious. I wonder if he cheats, take advatage of girls financially. He doesn’t show signs but I sometimes wonder. (meaning maybe)
    I have access to his ex-wife. Should I meet her and ask her about her experience? I really don’t want to make mistake for the 2nd marriage. I really don’t. This is it for me. Please help.

  • arronwrath:

    I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for a few months now and everything is good between us, except he has a crazy ex-wife!. It hasent affected are relationship yet but I know it’s only a matter of time before it does so I told him we need to take a break so he can get her under control, which I know will never happen because he’s a real nut. He’s date many other people since they divorced but she just can’t get it out of her head that he doesnt want her anymore, it’s like she’s obsessed with him. Her hold on him is that they have kids together and she uses them against him by saying she won’t let him see them, which she’s done before, and constantly threading to take him back to court for more money.

    He’s very upset but understands why I said we need a break for now, because i’m not one for the drama lol.I just want some opinions on what anybody thinks? Has anyone else been in a situation like this before. He’s older than I am so I have no experience in this. Should I see what happens then make my decision from there or what?
    P.S: I would never ask him to choose between me or his kids. And I do try and just be there for him and support him in every way. But I also have to look out for myself and do what’s best for me in the end.

  • Jeanelle the Retard:

    A friend of mines is getting a divorce but i think hes still in love with his ex-wife- what are some (not completely obvious) signs that he could be?
    Ive been trying to tell him that if he wants to move on he should cut his ties with his ex b/c he is now dating another friend of mines and this is really bothering her.

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