10" x 2-1/2" Straight Block Wire Brush with Grip Handle and Scraper 

o Flat, black steel wire bristles in 4x10 bristle pattern

o 1-1/4" bristle trim length

o 10" hardwood block with grip handle and scraper. 

o For general purpose scrubbing

o Packed 12 per case


#50 - 12/cs. 7 lbs.




8" x 3" Straight Block Wire Brush with Round Wire Bristles


Round, black steel wire bristles in 6x19 bristle pattern

o  1" bristle trim length

o  8" x 3" wide x 3/4" thick hardwood block

o  For general purpose scrubbing

o  Packed 12 per case

- 12/cs. 8 lbs.



Wire Bristle Deck Brush

o Lighter weight bristles are set in a smooth sanded block

o 1 thick, 10 x 2-7/8 hardwood block with one tapered

   and one threaded handle hole. 

o 2 trim length in flair pattern


#910W  12/cs. 8 lbs.


8" x 3"
 with Round Bristles
Wire Deck Brush
10 x 2-7/8"
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10" x 2-1/2"
 with Flat Bristles & Scraper

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