M-Series - 15/16 Painted Metal Handle with Plastic Tip
Smaller diameter handle for lighter-weight cleaning, smaller hands. Painted metal handle. Economical.



48 x 15/16. Blue.

12/bdl. 6 lbs.


48 x 15/16. Yellow.

12/bdl. 6 lbs.



FG-Series - Fiberglass Handle with Plastic Tip


48 x 15/16 yellow

12/bdl. 12 lbs.


48 x 15/16 white

12/bdl. 12 lbs.


60 x 15/16 yellow

12/bdl. 16 lbs.


60 x 15/16 white

12/bdl. 16 lbs.



PT Series - 15/16 Hardwood Handle with Plastic Tip
Smaller diameter handles for lighter - weight cleaning.

Smooth handle and easy cleanup.



48 x 15/16

12/bdl. 12 lbs.


48 x 15/16 w. Ring Cap

12/bdl. 11 lbs.


60 x 15/16

12/bdl. 16 lbs.


1 1/8 x 60 clear

12/bdl.16 lbs.




15/16 HD Black Metal Handle w/ Threaded Nylon Tip
For heaviest duty cleaning. Powder - coated steel is easy to keep clean. 30" handle is recommended for lobby sweeping.


30 x 15/16

12/bdl. 10 lbs.



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