Toilet Bowl Brushes - Pear Shape Profile
o Bristles are twisted into wire frame and formed to pear-
   shaped profile
o Select the economical plastic handle or the longer, stronger
   sanded and lacquered wooden handle
o Stiff plastic bristles scrub without scratches
o Tampico bristles are softer and fit the shape of the bowl
#27 - Toilet Bowl Brush - 4" plastic bristle head, 10" plastic handle. 12/case. 6 lbs.
#27P - Toilet Bowl Brush - 4" plastic bristle head, 12" wood  handle. 12/case. 10
#27T - Toilet Bowl Brush - 4" Tampico bristle head. 10" wood handle. 12/case. 10 lbs.
#27E - Toilet Bowl Brush, 4" round crimped poly bristle head , 10" plastic handle   48/case. 6 lbs.
#27E-WC - #27E Toilet Bowl Brush with Storage Cup.  Cup is 4" tall. 12/case/ 6 lbs.
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